Independant Review of Diamond Nexus Labs Synthetic Diamonds

What are Nexus Diamonds Simulants?

Diamond Nexus Labs or Nexus Diamonds for short, are high quality diamond simulants that are essentially indistinguishable from real flawless diamonds to the naked eye. These stones are more durable and resistant than the common cheap simulants and have a full lifetime replacement guarantee against fading or discoloration. Additionally, as diamond simulants they are inherently conflict free so you can be sure you are not getting a “blood diamond” that was mined through child/slave labor or fought over by rebel groups. Likewise, the creation of these stones has caused no harm to the environment or ecosystem though destructive or strip mining processes.

Nexus diamonds come in all the conventional diamond cuts including Round Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut, Oval Cut, Marquise Cut, Pear Cut, Emerald Cut, Triangle Cut, Trillion Cut, Heart Cut, Asscher Cut, Cushion Cut, and Radiant Cut. You can still get your favorite cut as a Nexus Diamond simulant.



Physical and Optical Properties

Nexus diamond simulants have physical and optical properties that are superior to cheaper stimulants. It less porous than Cubic Zerconia, meaning it is far more resistant to discoloration from continued exposure to soap, oil from the hands, and other chemicals. More porous simulants like CZ will gradually be discolored and clouded from such exposure over time, losing their fire, brilliance, and sparkle. Diamond Nexus Labs simulants are also roughly 25-30% heavier than CZ. They are also stronger and more durable to friction and physical trama. Whereas Cubic Zirconia contains Zirconium oxide and sometimes some yttrium as a stabilizer, Nexus Diamonds contain Hafnium (Hf), Gadolinium (Gd), Zirconium (Zr), Yttrium (Y), Nickel (Ni), Cobalt (Co), Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe), Sulfur (S), and Carbon ( C).


Nexus Diamonds Synthetic Example


The resistance and durability of Nexus diamonds is in part, due to an advanced coating around the Nexus simulants. This corundum-based compound coating the simulants is 131.2nm which Diamond Nexus Labs estimates is around 10,000 times thicker than competitors' simulants. The coating has subtle optical properties which adds a very slight fluorescent hint and shift towards blue (away from yellow), closely resembling the high value color grades in white diamonds.

Moissanite is the other “cheap” diamond simulant next to Cubic Zerconia. Just as with CZ, when compared to moissanite, Nexus diamonds have optical properties that more closely resemble real diamonds. Additionally, while moissanite begins to reveal a green tint in larger sizes, high carat Nexus diamond stones remain perfectly colorless.


Nexus Diamonds Simulant and Genuine Lab-Grown Alternatives to White Diamonds


A.  Lab Grown Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires

Nexus Diamonds products are not restricted to colorless “white” diamonds. They also 'grow' emeralds, rubies, and sapphires in the lab. Unlike the Nexus diamonds, these grown gemstones are not merely simulants; they are genuine lab-grown gemstones which are physically (and optically) identical to the real thing. The only difference from the 'real thing' is that they cost less, are conflict free gemstones, and are all flawless.


B.  Fancy Colored Nexus Diamonds Simulants

There are also six colored and fancy colored Diamond Nexus Labs simulants which are produced from like the normal diamond simulant while adding the exact same chemical compounds that cause the coloration in real diamonds. Without lab testing, Colored Nexus diamonds are claimed to be indistinguishable from real diamonds, even for an expert.


C.  Pure Carbon Synthetic/Lab-Grown Nexus Diamond (Canary Vivid Yellow)

A third option for Nexus diamond simulants is a genuine pure carbon synthetic diamond. This is not just a simulant, it is actually a real diamond, both physically and optically! The one qualifier is that the stone is yellow like a Canary Diamond. This is because the technology does not currently exist to produce genuine clear white “lab grown diamonds”. However, Canary diamonds are actually more valuable than white diamonds and if you think a Canary diamond is beautiful, this is essentially a perfect duplicate. Just be aware that these “lab grown diamonds” are considerably more costly than the Nexus diamond simulants. At the same time, they are substantially less costly than a 'natural' canary diamond, particularly a flawless one.

If you are considering a purchase from Diamond Nexus Labs, check out our Diamond Nexus Coupon page. All in all, Nexus Diamonds and man-made gemstones from Nexus Diamond Labs are brilliantly breathtaking alternatives to natural diamonds at a fraction of the cost.


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